Cream and Cheese Potatoes

Cream and Cheese Potatoes

This recipe for cream and cheese potatoes is a very filling side dish. Ideal to serve with fish or any meat that is not too rich. An ideal, filling dish suitable for your vegetarian guests.  

Festive Ice-cream

Festive Ice-cream Recipe

Make an ordinary ice-cream festive and very special without too much trouble. This ice-cream recipe is very easy to follow and the whole family will love this special treat! This delicious ice-cream makes for the perfect dessert on those hot summer days. This recipe shows you how to make a fruity ice-cream for your festive […]

Pasta with cream

Pasta with cream

This recipe for pasta with cream is a very rich dish containing no meat. It smells delightful and appetizing and is quite filling. Use fettuccine, penne or whichever pasta shape you prefer, and adjust your pasta boiling time according to the thickness of the chosen pasta. This recipe for pasta with cream uses no meat.

Cream of Chicken Soup Recipe

cream of chicken soup, cream of chicken soup recipe

This cream of chicken soup recipe is very easy to follow. Cream of chicken soup is an all-time favorite. Perfect for those cold winter nights. It can be prepared to be used as a starter before a main course. The most delicious cream of chicken soup  

Pears with Cream Cheese Recipe

pears with cream cheese

This mouth-watering salad is a special one for the books, the combination just works so well together and the dish just appeals to the eyes. Mouth-watering salad pears and cream cheese We hope you enjoyed this pear with cream cheese recipe!