Lentil Soup Recipe

Lentil soup recipe

A very easy lentil soup recipe. This lovely lentil soup is delicious on cold winters days served with a french loaf or slices of bread with butter. If you prefer a lighter meal, simply scatter a few croutons over the soup. This soup freezes well, so make some extra to keep in the deep freezer […]

Spinach Soup Recipe

spinach soup recipe

Spinach soup is somewhat unusual but is, nonetheless very tasty and nutritious. This green soup may be served as a light supper or as a starter to a meal. You may add ordinary croutons to the soup instead of cheese-toasted bread. Spinach soup may be served hot or cold. Healthy and delicious spinach soup We […]

Carrot Soup Recipe

Carrot soup recipe

Here is a delicious carrot soup recipe. Carrot soup is a dish you do not see often. King Edward VII ate this soup on 26 August every year to commemorate the Battle of Crecy in 1346. Do something different and serve this nutritious and tasty soup to your family and guests, as a light lunch […]

Beetroot Soup

Beetroot recipe

Here is a very delicious beetroot soup recipe. Beetroot soup is something you do not see all that often, but it is a very tasty, interesting soup. It is known as borscht in Russian and Polish cuisines. The sour cream should be added just before the soup is eaten, therefore it is dished up separately […]

Mushroom Soup Recipe

mushroom soup recipe

Mushroom Soup Recipe There are few things as satisfying as this creamy mushroom soup recipe. This lovely creamy soup may be served with bread and butter as a light meal or with croutons as a starter dish to any meal. When served as a meal on its own, double the recipe for larger portions. Especially […]

Butternut Soup Recipe

butternut soup

Butternut Soup Recipe This curried butternut soup recipe is an all-season winner as a light meal served with bread and butter or croutons. You may also opt to serve a small portion as a first course or starter to a meal. The soup may also be made without curry and rather be topped with some […]