Cabbage with Potatoes

This recipe will send South Africans down memory lane to our home cooked Sunday lunches with lovely roasts, rice, sweet pumpkin and cabbage prepared with potatoes and onion. Delicious cabbage and potatoes

Green Beans with Potato

delicious green beans and mashed potatoes

This is a recipe that will cause many South Africans to long back to their childhood – Sunday lunches with green beans and sweet pumpkin enjoyed with a lovely roast or whole chicken. Yummy! Delicious side dish to enjoy with any meal

Carrots with Potatoes

delicious carrots and potatoes recipe

This recipe is for a dish well remembered by many South Africans – the carrots with potatoes served with Sunday lunches with roast, rice, peas and  great desserts. Delicious carrots and potatoes dish

Ultimate Roast Potatoes Recipe

roasted potatoes, potatoes, oven baked potatoes, served with leg of lamb, side dish

Easy roasted potatoes that you can serve with basically ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can not go wrong with having these as a side dish to a lovely leg of lamb Delicious roasted potato dish

Cream and Cheese Potatoes

Cream and Cheese Potatoes

This recipe for cream and cheese potatoes is a very filling side dish. Ideal to serve with fish or any meat that is not too rich. An ideal, filling dish suitable for your vegetarian guests.