Easy lemon and herb chicken recipe

This is a recipe for a lovely, tasty chicken to enjoy as part of the main course with a starch and vegetables or with a salad for a light lunch. If you use skinless chicken breasts, it is also a low-fat meal. This recipe for lemon and herb chicken is so quick and easy to […]

Lemon Marmalade Recipe

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This is a very easy marmalade recipe that shows you how to make marmalade and have it done in no time! Marmalade is jelly with pieces of citrus fruit in it. Any single citrus fruit or a mixture of citrus fruits may be used, grapefruit, and Seville oranges, for instance, yield a bitter marmalade, lemons, […]

Lemon Souffle Recipe

Lemon souffle recipe

This lemon souffle recipe makes the most delicious, tangy, fresh lemon dessert imaginable! Lemon appeals to almost any palate and this dessert are very light and fluffy. You may opt to go for an all-orange flavor by replacing the juice with orange juice. A special, light citrus dessert. We hope you enjoyed this lemon souffle […]

Lemon Tart Recipe

Custard Lemon Fridge Tart Recipe

Lemon tart recipe. This lemon tart is served in many restaurants in France, where it is called tarte au citron. For a fresh variety. You may replace half the lemon juice and zest with orange juice and orange rind or even with grapefruit juice and rind. You may wish to make your own pastry but […]

Custard Lemon Fridge Tart Recipe

easy lemon and custard tart

This custard lemon fridge tart recipe has been a sweet-sour favorite for as long as I can remember.  The custard is prepared with just enough sugar not to be too sweet. Add enough lemon juice to the condensed milk so that it is thick enough and you decide just how tangy you want it to […]

Lemon and Raspberry Tartlets Recipe

lemon and raspberry tartlet

These little tangy lemon and raspberry tartlets are a delight for the eyes – and, of course, the palate. Serve them as a teatime treat or as a lovely dessert. Once they are cold and just before serving, dust them with icing sugar and add a dollop of cream. If you so wish, you may […]