Custard filled puff pastries

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Use bought puff pastry to make these delightful teatime custard-filled treats. Pastries are always a winner at the tea table.

Rhubarb with Custard

Rhubarb with Custard

Rhubarb is a vegetable with a sour taste. When sweetened and cooked, it makes a lovely dessert. As the leaves are poisonous, be very sure to remove them and use only the stalks. This is a very simple recipe for rhubarb and custard.  

Custard Pie Recipe

yummy custard pie recipe

A very easy to follow recipe for a custard pie. This dessert is very easy to make and absolutely stunning. The whole family will love this special treat. Be sure to let us know how much you enjoyed this dessert. A Yummy, delicious custard pie recipe to enjoy with the whole family. We hope you […]

Custard Slices Recipe

quick and easy custard slices

This is an all-time favorite. Both the kids and adults love these custard slices. This is a very easy to follow recipe for custard slices. Make your own and spoil your friends and family. Easy and delicious custard slices

Custard Lemon Fridge Tart Recipe

easy lemon and custard tart

This custard lemon fridge tart recipe has been a sweet-sour favorite for as long as I can remember.  The custard is prepared with just enough sugar not to be too sweet. Add enough lemon juice to the condensed milk so that it is thick enough and you decide just how tangy you want it to […]