Cheese Bread

cheese bread recipe quick and easy (1)

Use this recipe to bake a flat cheese bread in a pan to enjoy with barbeques or pasta dishes. Replace the onion salt with garlic salt if you wish. Delicious cheesy cheese bread

Creamy Cheese Sauce

easy quick and creamy cheese sauce

This delicious, creamy cheese sauce can be used to serve over a steak or a schnitzel, over vegetable dishes, or over macaroni. For even fuller flavour, you may use matured cheddar cheese. The creamiest cheese sauce

Toasted cheese sandwich

grilled cheese, toasted cheese sandwhich

Toasted cheese sandwiches are so tasty to serve as savoury snacks or as a light meal with a salad. Here is a recipe. Easy, quick, and delicious cheese sandwich    

Cream and Cheese Potatoes

Cream and Cheese Potatoes

This recipe for cream and cheese potatoes is a very filling side dish. Ideal to serve with fish or any meat that is not too rich. An ideal, filling dish suitable for your vegetarian guests.  

Home-made Four Cheeses Ravioli

Home-made Four Cheeses Ravioli

This recipe shows you how to make the ravioli from scratch, filling them with four kinds of cheese. To serve, refer to one of three of our recipes for delectable pasta sauces: Arrabbiata or Alfredo. A recipe to make the most delicious ravioli from scratch, using four cheeses.

Recipe for Macaroni and Cheese

mac and cheese recipe

This recipe for macaroni and cheese is so easy to make and almost always a winner among children and adults alike. You may serve it with fish, boerewors, mincemeat, meatballs or even on its own as a light meal – with or without a salad such as beetroot or a Greek salad. You may top […]