Butter Chicken Recipe

butter chicken

Butter Chicken Recipe This very special butter chicken recipe takes only 30 minutes to prepare (excluding marinating time). It is quite spicy and delicious with rice, Naan bread, or even served in a roti. The coriander and fenugreek give a distinct flavor to this tasty dish. The best butter chicken ever

Garlic Butter Sauce Recipe

garlic butter sauce

This garlic butter sauce recipe gives a variety of lemon butter sauce. Both sauces are very tasty and maybe enjoyed over seafood or with grilled steak. Be sure to rate this delicious garlic butter sauce once you’ve tried it! This is a delicious recipe for garlic and butter sauce.  

Bread-and-butter pudding

bread and butter pudding recipe

By baking this mouth-watering bread-and-butter pudding, you get to utilize your stale bread which you have no other use for. This dessert is extremely satisfying, especially on cold winter nights. This pudding originated in the United Kingdom where they like to flavor it with nutmeg. You may add some if you like. So easy and […]