Baked lemon chicken

Baked lemon chicken

This recipe for baked lemon chicken is so easy to make in half-an-hour. Tasty and juicy for the main meal served with veggies or as a light lunch with a salad or roll. Half-an-hour delicious baked lemon chicken.  

Baked Fish Recipe Haddock

how to bake fish, baked fish recipe

a Very easy baked fish recipe. We used haddock for this recipe as it one of the most popular fish to bake and cook with. You are welcome to use hake. This is a very easy recipe to follow and will show you how to bake fish and enjoy it with the whole family. This […]

Baked Chicken Breast Recipe

chicken breast recipe, how to bake chicken breast

This is a delicious baked chicken breast recipe to be served with rice or baked potatoes with vegetables or just with a salad. The chicken is also tasty when cold and you may cut it up to be used as part of a chicken salad. The recipe is so easy to follow and shows you […]

Baked Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

chocolate cheesecake

Crunchy Baked Cinnamon Chocolate Cheesecake. Unfortunately, this lovely cake is really expensive to bake. You may replace one-third of the cream cheese with smooth cottage cheese but it will reduce costs significantly if you can make your own cream cheese. The cake is rich and tasty enough to be served plain, but you may top […]