Chicken Salad Recipe

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Easy chicken salad recipe. This delicious chicken salad offers a few varieties. It is sufficiently filling and satisfying to be eaten on its own as a lunch. Follow this recipe to see how to make this delicious chicken salad. Quick and easy chicken salad We hope you enjoyed this chicken salad recipe!

Greek Salad Recipe

greek salad

This Greek Salad recipe makes an attractive salad with dressing. You may opt to leave out the croutons. The taste of anchovies doesn’t always appeal to everybody. Replace them with quartered or diced tomatoes and add some cucumber. a Delicious and healthy Greek salad We hope you enjoyed this greek salad recipe!

Stuffed Egg Recipe

stuffed egg recipe

This stuffed egg recipe is always a winner as a party snack but, since it is high in protein, it may even be served as a light meal with a green salad. This recipe is really easy to follow and shows you exactly how to make stuffed eggs. Delicious and filling Stuffed Eggs We hope […]

Chicken and Avocado Salad

chicken and avo salad

a Healthy chicken and avo salad recipe, for the healthy eater – a lovely chicken and avo salad to be enjoyed as a light meal instead of a carbohydrate-packed meal. The greek yogurt is a much healthier substitute for mayonnaise and adds a very refreshing taste. a Healthy and delicious chicken and avo salad We […]

Easy Banana Salad Recipe

banana salad recipe (1)

Banana Salad Recipe This banana salad recipe goes so well with barbeques. It is easy to double your recipe for more people. You may opt to substitute the sauce with grenadilla yogurt for a more healthy salad. This recipe will show you how to make a banana salad to enjoy with the whole family. The […]

Caramelized Onions Recipe

caramelized onions

An easy recipe for caramelized onions. This is a recipe for the most delicious and versatile caramelized onions. It may be enjoyed as a side dish with barbecued meat or at breakfast with eggs and sausage. Try them on your homemade hamburger! If you are out of ideas for sandwiches, simply enjoy these onions on […]

Pears with Cream Cheese Recipe

pears with cream cheese

This mouth-watering salad is a special one for the books, the combination just works so well together and the dish just appeals to the eyes. Mouth-watering salad pears and cream cheese We hope you enjoyed this pear with cream cheese recipe!

Curry Noodle Salad Recipe

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Curry Noodle Recipe Learn how to make the easiest and most delicious curry noodle salad in no time! This cold curry noodle salad recipe is a guaranteed winner, especially as a side dish for barbeques. The perfectly balanced flavors of curry powder, with the option to add a few drops of Tabasco sauce for extra […]