Quick & Easy Microwaved Irish Coffee Recipe

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Quick & Easy Microwaved Irish Coffee Recipe Experience the joy of a traditional Irish Coffee, now more accessible than ever with our microwave-friendly recipe. Perfect for cozy evenings or as a luxurious after-dinner treat, this quick and easy recipe brings a little Irish charm to your cup. Experience the traditional Irish Coffee, quickly and easily […]

Refreshing Lemonade Recipe

A thirst-quenching drink that is so easy to make! Follow this step-by-step recipe to make your very own homemade lemonade. Delicious, refreshing and thirst-quenching lemonade    

Dalgona Coffee Recipe

This delicious whipped coffee can be served hot or cold, on a warm summer day you can enjoy this similar hot or cold whipped Americano coffee. The taste is to die for now you can enjoy your own whipped coffee at home. Absolutely stunning Dalgona coffee  

Eggnog Recipe

Eggnog Recipe, eggnog, easy eggnog

Inquiries are made for an eggnog recipe without alcohol. You can use this recipe and simply omit the liquor, but bear in mind that you should not let it stand longer than a day because the alcohol also acts as a preservative for the raw eggs. Never forget that eggs may contain salmonella. Eggnog is […]

Glühwein Recipe


This Glühwein recipe yields approximately 1 liter of lovely, spicy gluhwein which is especially satisfying when enjoyed around a fire with friends on cold winter nights. It is particularly enjoyed in the northern hemisphere over the festive season. You may add some fresh cranberries if you so wish. Some serve it with the star aniseed […]

Ginger Beer Recipe

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This ginger beer recipe makes the most refreshing, cool drink for a hot day. It can be stored in the fridge for quite a long time. However, if the recipe is really too much for your need, it is rather easy to just halve the ingredients – yet not the time. Presented in a nicely […]